How to include the

USNO Running Master Clock

on your own home page.

A note about browsers...

The running GIF clock was developed for browsers that support
	Content-type:  multipart/x-mixed-replace
Netscape and Mozilla do this correctly. Internet Explorer does not.
To add one of these clocks to your home page, all you have to do is look at the HTML source fo this page and copy a reference like this one:

This IMG SRC is <>

For a cool example, go here!

Or, add this reference to get one of the static (one-time) bitmapped clocks:

------U.S.Naval Observatory Master Clock------------
Time: Central Time

The above IMG SRC is <>
Note: xbmclock.xbm is not a running clock.

You can supply these zones:

UTC ----- Universal Time
AST ----- Atlantic Standard/Daylight-Saving Time
EST ----- Eastern Standard/Daylight-Saving Time
EET ----- Eastern Standard Time (no Daylight-Saving Time)
CST ----- Central Standard/Daylight-Saving Time
MST ----- Mountain Standard/Daylight-Saving Time
MMT ----- Mountain Standard Time (no Daylight-Saving Time: Arizona)
PST ----- Pacific Standard/Daylight-Saving Time
YST ----- Alaska Standard/Daylight-Saving Time
HST ----- Hawaii Standard Time
GMT ----- Greenwich Mean Time/British Summer Time

You can set the number of 1-second ticks from ticks=01 to ticks=62. We suggest you keep the number of tick low (~10) . You must provide the leading zero: 09 , not 9

The running gif clock service is experimental. It sends about 200 bytes/sec while the clock is running. If it doesn't totally crash our server, we will support it, but cannot guarantee it will always be available.