What Time Is It?

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Current Time: UTC

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Listen to a "live" broadcast of
the USNO Master Clock Voice Announcer!

Because it's buffered by the RealAudio® player,
the audio time will be delayed (late) by four to ten seconds from actual time.

Requires RealPlayer®



CLICK ONCE OR TWICE on the timezone to see the clock
If the window is blank, click again on the button.

These clocks run in a separate window.
You may not see them if you are in full-screen mode.

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    Realtime USNO Master Clock GIFS
Add one of these clocks to your own home page!
USNO Time in Standard Time Zones Universal Time Gif Clock** Analog UTC Clock
Local Times in Selected Locations Atlantic Standard/Daylight-Saving Time Clock** Analog Java Clock
Compute Local Apparent Sidereal Time Eastern Standard/Daylight-Saving Time Clock** JavaScript Local Clock
  Central Standard/Daylight-Saving Time Clock** Another Realtime Clock**
  Mountain Standard/Daylight-Saving Time Clock**  
  Pacific Standard/Daylight-Saving Time Clock**  
  Alaska Standard/Daylight-Saving Time Clock**  
  Hawaii Standard Time Clock**  
**Requires NETSCAPE 1.1 and above because it uses "server push"; no correction is made for network delays.
 Check your local System Clock vs. our Master Clock!***
***Requires Java-compatible browser and access to network sockets.

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