Global Positioning System Carrier-Phase

Global Positioning System Carrier-Phase (GPS CP) measurement techniques are being developed by the U.S. Naval Observatory to increase our capability to compare time and frequency of remote clocks with the highest precision and accuracy and to provide ever more useful products to the Navy, DoD, and the Nation. The pages below will present how the method works, show some recent USNO geodetic solution-based time and frequency results, give information on the IGS/BIPM time and frequency project, and a system map and data source.

USNO Rapid Clock Estimates.

USNO Final Time and Frequency Results Compared to a TWSTT Link.

USNO IGS Frequency Results.

USNO IGS Mean Time Scale.

IGS/BIPM Timing Project.

USNO GPS CP System Map & Data Source.

USNO NAVSTAR GPS Timing Operations.

Geodetic Time Transfer Terminal (GeTT).

A good GPS overview with sections on carrier-phase.

GPS receiver data quality.


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