Some papers published by US Naval Observatory Time Services in 2017

On Systematic Uncertainties in UTC
Presented at ION-PTTI, January, 2017
Demetrios Matsakis, Time Service Department, U.S. Naval Observatory

Time and Frequency from Electrical Power Lines
Presented at ION-PTTI, January, 2017
J.Hardis, B. Fonville, and D. Matsakis, NIST and USNO

Long-term instability in UTC time links
Presented at the ION-PTTI, January, 2017
Z. Jiang, D. Matsakis, and V. Zhang, NIST, USNO, and BIPM

Possibility of testing the Einstein Equivalence Principle using TWSTFT and a Software Defined Receiver
Presented at the joint meeting of the IFCS and EFTF, July, 2017
W.H. Tseng and D. Matsakis, TL and USNO

Microwave-clock timescale with instability of order 1.E-17
Metrologia 54 (2017) pp 247-252
S. Peil, T.B. Swanson, J. Hanssen, and J. Taylor, USNO

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