Discrete Simulation: White PM of Various Amplitudes Added to White FM

This document will show graphically the effect of adding various amplitudes of White PM noise to White FM noise. Noise sequences were generated using the Kasdin and Walter (1992) method.

A standard White FM sequence was first generated and then White PM noise sequences were added together. The White PM scatters (Gaussian distribution, 1-sigmas) added on the original signal ranged from 0.250 to 5.00 in 0.250 steps. The results are shown in the animated sequence. Most interesting is the tremendous smoothing of the basic signal that we are interested in (White FM). In the face of added White PM noise, how well can the original signal of interest (White FM) be recovered? Is it a function of method and/or added White PM amplitude? This the situation encountered in TWSTT.

Animated loop of all combined noise sequences. (228 KB)
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Kasdin, N.J., and Walter, T. (1992), "Discrete Simulation of Power Law Noise," in Proceedings of the 1992 IEEE Frequency Control Symposium, pp. 274-283.