Digital Spectrum Analyzer (DSA) Barnes (1995) Results for Discrete Simulated Power Law Data in the Time Domain Using the Kasdin and Walter (1992) Method

This document will show graphically the Single-Stage DSA spectra for the discrete simulated power-law noise sequences as generated with the new program powlnsim.c on a Toshiba 1555 CDS laptop computer (380 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 4.3 GB HDD).

The results are shown below. Most interesting is to watch the power-law noise spectra rotate and smooth out. There are some interesting slope changes at the high frequency ends of the more negative Betas, perhaps not terribly unexpected in the case of the pure noises being generated.

Animated loop of all digital spectrum analyzer images. (64 KB)
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Kasdin, N.J. and Walter, T. (1992), "Discrete Simulation of Power Law Noise," in Proceedings of the 1992 IEEE Frequency Control Symposium, pp. 274-283.
Barnes, J.A. (1993), "A Digital Equivalent of an Analog Spectrum Analyser," in Proceedings of the 1993 IEEE Frequency Control Symposium, pp. 270-281.