The USNO Pulsar Data Archive

The history of science has provided many recent examples where the pooling of data has lead to important discoveries benefiting an the entire community.

As part of its mission, the U.S. Naval Observatory (USNO) has given the Clock Development Division of Time Service responsibility to maintain an archive of pulsar profile data.

We have a directory of Time-of-Arrival Files (TOA) Time-of-Arrival (TOA) files, which can directly be used as input to the Princeton University computer program TEMPO.

It is our goal to eventually compile a complete set of pulsar profiles and all useful observational parameters , from all available databases and antennas.

For each antenna and year, all observational parameters are stored in a large file, while individual profiles are stored in their own files.

In order to extract data, you must first:

  • Use our specialized gopher-like interface to generate an ftp template
  • Copy that file, using your Web browser
  • Edit it if necessary
  • Use it for anonymous ftp to

  • This is still an experimental arrangement, and we can make changes to accommodate users. Click here for information about the useful pulsar statistic sigma-z.

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