Two-Way Satellite Time Transfer

Two-Way Satellite Time Transfer (TWSTT) is being applied by the U.S. Naval Observatory to meet its most critical precise and accurate time transfer requirements. The informational pages below will give a bit of the history, describe the method, and present a selected bibliography of published scientific papers and a page for the Consulting Committee on Time and Frequency Working Group on TWSTT's (CCTF WG TWSTT) work on standardization of data reporting, participating TWSTT member centers, meeting notices, and related international TWSTT information.
History (1962 to Present)
What It Is and How It Is Performed
TWSTT and the USNO Alternate Master Clock (AMC)
Measuring Ranges to Satellites
Continuous Wavelet Transforms and TWSTT
Power Law Noise
A Selected Bibliography
TWSTT Ionospheric Non-Reciprocities